Monday, June 13, 2011

Reusing Yeast and my new Glass Bottles

Walking around in one of my favorite surplus stores today I noticed something that any brewer would notice.  Pallets of little glass bottles.  They have a 20 to 100ML scale printed on the side.  I walked in and asked the cost for one.  The employee stated they are sold in bulk only and a case of 48 is $5.00.  Personally I would of bought one for 3 bucks.

Now, here comes the fun part.  Playing with yeast.  My plan is to create a yeast library complete with the the necessary varieties  any homebrewer would need.  I will be starting with White Labs WLP001.  I will creating a bigger than normal starters and "saving" half of it in the newly acquired glass jars for future use.   Looking at the glass jars I am sure that the top is a standard glass bottle size.  This would mean I can use my bottler.  If not I will source some airlocks.  

I've always wanted to start saving yeast in my pursuit of cheaper brewing.  This could all change at anytime...Also this is great timing due to the NHC conference this week.

I am planning on attending "choosing the right yeast" with Chris White from White Labs.  Here is a link from White Labs that talks about yeast starters.  HERE 

Personally I use Jamil's starter method at Mr Malty.  


  1. Great blog you have here and it's nice to see another San Diego Homebrew blog.

    I was wondering where you found those glass bottles because I am running out of White Lab vials.

    And how did this process turn-out?

  2. I got a flat of them at K-Surplus in National City. I think a flat was 48 bottles or some crazy number for 5 bucks. I think they still have them there. It is a overstock industrial supply shop.


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