Lewys' Recipes

Below is my personal recipe collection.  Most of the beers below have been brewed multiple times with some level of success.  All beers sent off to any competitions will have scores listed and/or awards placed regardless of the score.

Remember, "It's just beer." Enjoy

Farmhouse/Saisons/Belgian Style:

21, Sorachi Ace'd SaisonFarmhouse Saison brewed with Sorachi Ace Hops.  Great for summer. Lemon, dill and pepper work so good together. This has been brewed over 9 times
Dirty Gnome: Farmhouse Saison - Saison that I pitched  Rayon Vert (Green Flash) Brett Dregs in, aged for a year.  
Gail, Belgian Dark Strong - A big malty traditional Belgian Dark Strong.  Over the top plum, Grape and fruit.  Brewed annually in the fall 
Belma Trials: Saison - Testing out the new Belma Hop from Hops Direct.  Very floral, melonish Saison.  Not the best, but it was mostly for testing out the Belma Hop.
Cultured Farmhouse: Saison - 21 Sorachi Ace'd Recipe w/ Logsdon Bretta added in secondary for 6 months.  A personal favorite. 

Delbruck - A classic Berliner-Weisse w/a WLP677 natural Lacto starter.  Brewed annually

American Sour Ales:

Dirty Gnome: American Sour - A Classic American Brown Ale pitched with an assortment of Dregs for 8 months.  
Farmers Daughter 2012 Blend #7 - A 10 gallon batch of Flanders Red split w/ DeeperRoots Brewing.   
  Farmers Daughter 2013 Blend #2 - A 20 gallon batch of Flanders Red split w/ DeeperRoots Brewing and Eric Hollenbeck
Farmers Bitch -  My 2nd take on the Flanders Red Style.  Will be blended with Farmers Daughter and a base Red Ale.
Invocation - A Russian River Supplication clone. After 8 months this is a winner.  This beer is brewed annually in the late summer.

Traditional Ales (House Staples):

Old Glory IPA -  A 6.5% classic IPA that was fermented on oak for 24 hours @ the start of fermentation.  

4 Rings Session IPA - A 4.5% Session IPA, big on flavor and hop aromas. 
3 Brewers Pale Ale (w/Nelson) A last minute recipe that created an awesome beer. Since brewing this one I've expanded the hops including  Citra/Simcoe, Nelson/Summit, Tasting Notes
Hop Goblin IPA - A big 9.6% bomb with massive Simcoe and Summit dry hopping.  
Lewy's Silk Stout - 4.5% Dry English Stout, I love this beer.
4C's Rye DIPA - Big malty and hoppy, had some issues with DMS at the start.  However it's Big, hoppy and in your face DIPA.  
Fargo Lane Session Pale Project - A evolving project to find the best session ale with a big hop aroma.  
Solidarity - English Black Mild clone from "Can You Brew It" and Eagle Rock Brewery in LA This dark mild is one of my all time favorite beers to brew and drink.
Raven, American Black Ale (BIPA) - Finally finalized...one of the better Black IPA's I've had.  More on the Black IPA side of Cascadian Dark Ales w/ big citra hopping
Janet's Brown - Tasty McDoles beautiful hoppy creation.  Over 8 batches brewed, a personal favorite.   
Cucuy, Imperial Stout - A big American Stout, fermented on Brandy aged Honeycombs with Coca Nibs added during secondary. This is brewed annually each November   
 Two Headed Lion - My take on a English Bitter, low gravity with White Labs Platinum Strain.  A solid drinking beer when the yeast is available.  
They Call Me Porter - A classic American/English Robust Porter.  I also use this base for my Chocolate Porter and Blueberry Braggot.
Axis of Evil, German Weizen - A long running German beer experiment attempting to find that perfect beer for my wife.

Naked:(Insert Hop Here) - This is based off Russian Rivers Row 2 Hill 56 Pale Ale.  Originally with 100% Simcoe

Traditional Ales (Experimental-Still Tweaking):
Toes in the Sand, Session Ale - Low ABV beer with Conan yeast.  Big Hops and very close to Fargo Lane Pale with a different hop schedule. (Still tweaking the recipe.) 
Citra Blast DIPA - A big DIPA with mostly Citra Hops.  Clean and very Aromatic.  Tasting Notes
Mustache Rye'd IIPA - A work in progress to create a big wonderful Rye IIPA (Still tweaking the recipe)  Somewhat changed into my 3 Brewers Recipe above.
 Old Stoner Barleywine - A Denny Con recipe.  Didn't turn out as I wanted.
 Scotty F'in P - A classic Wit beer with plenty of clover, banana and flavor.
 Blackout IPA - American Black Ale served on my Randel/Hopback, v2.0 is now Raven
 Alroy Irish Red - A very traditionally styled brew from Europe based from Brewing Classic Styles.
 Kate the Great - RIS Oak aged beer.  This beer was awesome.  
Old Glory IPA #2 -  A lower version of the original.  Maximizing hop aroma
Evergreen Pale Ale - Ramped up Pale ale with mostly Cascade Hops.
Pumpkin Ale - A very drinkable beer for Halloween with spices and pumpkin, turned out great.  
Black Butte, Coffee Porter -  Coffee Experiment with grounds in the mash.  Based off a CYBI Clone Recipe.
 Obsidian Stout - A "Can You Brew it?" Recipe.  Spot on match to the original.

 Hop Goblin IPA - A big 9.6% bomb with massive Simcoe and Summit dry hopping.

California Common and Lager Styles:

Dawn PatrolA California Common, Lagered.  Based off the Anchor Steam Recipe.  
Magic Carpet Ride - My take on a Mailbock/Helles Lager
Saxony, Schwarzbier - A Classic German Schwarzbier 

Brett Primary Fermented Beers/Meads:

Pioneer Series - Brett Citra - A 100% Brett-C Fermented pale ale with only Citra hops
Pioneer Series - Brett-C Mead - Creating a 100% (Sour) mead with only Honey and water. 
Bella Sky Blond - Yeast from BKYeast. That he grew out of a Cantillon Bottle codenamed C2.  A big woody, strawberry beer.  Primary fermented with C2. 

Yellow Tractor, Brett Session IPA I wanted a gritty hop forward Brett session ale.

Low-Bush, Brett Belgian Blonde -  Aged on Red Oak Honeycombs and Blueberries

Hold My Hand into the Sunset - A Brett C/Trois Tart Cherry mead blended with a Hibiscus Mead


Aydan's Mead - Brewed for my future son (at the time).  Pure Blackberry Honey, yeast and water in this beautiful still mead.  
  • BJCP Judged 35/50, 2012 NHC San Diego, Ca Region
Scarlett's Mead - Brewed for my niece Scarlett.  Born to my Sister and Brother-in-law.  Orange Blossom Honey and fresh Tart Cherries.  
Gooseberry Mead/Mead Thoughts - A new look at my Mead making process.  

Silence at Midnight - Blueberries pitched in the finished Mead at 1.5# a gallon, aged on oak.   

Silence at Midnight/They Call me Porter Braggot Blend - 2 Meads/Ales blended for NHC 2014.   

Dreg Series: 1 Gallon Sour Beers:

Loose Lips Lucy/Supplication - A simple American Style Wheat base with Russian River Supplication Dregs added.    

Alroy Irish Red - A Blend of wild yeasts with Red Wine soaked oak added.   

Farmers Daughter/Supplication -  A very clean sour beer with lots of complex sour notes

Farmers Daughter/Temptation -  Untasted at this time. 

Solidarity Black Mild/Supplication - A complex malt bill and low starting gravity sour beer.

Little Bitch/Supplication Blend - Wild yeast blend in my 2nd Flanders Red style beer.