Kegorator Build

Kegorator Build

My Keggor was built in early 2006 if I have to take a guess on the year.  But in the spirit of the gadget page I am going to recall the building process.  I was currently doing Extract Brewing and with the arrival of my tax return I started looking at All-Grain and or a bigger Keg System.  I quickly found out that I could not swing both ideas at the same time.

With a good buddy of mine looking at All-Grain (Deeper Roots Brewing) I decided to let him figure out the process and I would look into Kegging.  Which looking back seems silly, but when I was an extract brewer the world of All-Grain seemed to complex for me to tackle.  My goal of the build was to have 4 taps and ample room to have the CO2 tank and a extra Corny keg priming inside. 

I zeroed in on a Frigidaire chest freezer.  It was bought at my local Lowes.  I just walked in with 5 cut outs of the Corny kegs "FootPrints" and found the right one.  Quick and easy.

I always wanted to have a Gloss Black fridge.  To me it just seems "Classy" plus when you add the stainless towers and taps the look was timeless.  All the 4 taps are Perlicks and I would NOT recommend any OTHER brand.  They have performed perfect from day one.

Here are some pictures of the Keggor in action.

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