Thursday, January 10, 2013

Invocation, Tasting Session

Invocation Sour Ale

Aroma: Hints of sour apple, grape skin with sharp acid like tartness.

Appearance: Burnt Amber in color with a golden yellow brilliance.  Low carbonation, with a consent bubbling from the bottom of the glass.  Crystal clear beer. 

Flavor: Lots of sweet cherries...almost fig like.  Very cleanly brewed (fermentation wise).  Very tart with sharp sour qualities.  No aftertaste or lingering flavors.  Finishing very dry. 

Mouthfeel: Acidic with beautiful sour qualities.  Highly effervescent.  On the thinner side, well balanced for a sour ale.

Overall Impression: This is a great beer that was kinda forgotten about.  It seems like the forgotten beers always end up as the best beers years later.  I will brew this again.  Overall I am very impressed with the beer.

Brewing Timeline/Notes:   This beer was brewed last March (2011) and tossed into my sour closet.  I only check on it every 2 months or so for water in the airlock.  This will be hard to reproduce due to the dreg factor.  (I added different dregs into the beer for added complexity) 

Here is the link to the original post and recipe.

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