Monday, July 2, 2012

Other Uses for Powdered Brewery Wash (PBW)

My cleaning routine is getting better and better as my brewing process gets more streamlined.  The regimented process of cleaning kegs and carboys is always something that I consider more important than brewing itself.  StarSan and PBW are my go to cleaners/sanitizers.

Noticing the disclaimer on the side of the PBW bottle telling us never to use this product on Teflon, I continued to read on.  It lists items that PBW works great on.  Carpet?  Umm... This got me thinking.  My company car is a prius with the light tan interior.  My drivers side floor mat is toast.  To the point that I have gone to junk yards and ebay sites looking for a replacement.  Why not try PBW on it.  If it fails I really have nothing to loose.  

During the boil on my Hop-Goblin I pulled out the drivers side floormat and mixed up a solution of hot water and PBW.  Using my hard nylon scrub brush went to town on the mat.  All sorts of black liquid started to flow onto the ground.  I noticed the stains that I thought were permanent were washing away.  

Using the hose I sprayed the mat until the water ran clean and used the shop vac to suck up any residual water.  Then hung the mat to dry.  

The picture above was taken a week after the PBW wash and is holding up great.  Saturday I tackled the stairs in my house that had a couple lingering spots that carpet cleaners would never work on.  They came out with ease.   The only hic-up is you need to flush the PBW out after the cleaning.  Which is harder on inside carpet that can not be removed for cleaning.  


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