Tuesday, June 10, 2008

14 Oz to Freedom

Ok, before I start I have to say the fine folks at the Consumerist inspired me to write about this and share some of my thoughts on the ever shrinking products that we know and love.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that restaurants across America are letting the tried and true pint die a slow death resulting from greed and the need to keep cost appearing low or the same. The American pint is 16 oz of refreshing liquid. That is one of the only true things we have left in this world of $5.00 gas and surcharges for every little thing. (Maybe that could be a new post?) What is happing to my friend in need? The traditional 16 oz is becoming 14 oz. How can this be? That is not a pint! A pint is a 16 oz glass, you can't change that....It is not a large or a medium that each company can tweak into whatever their marketing VP's can think of to squeeze your hard earned money into their machine. Here is what they are doing, they are using smaller glasses or using heavy-bottomed pint glasses named "falsies" that have reduced capacity. Other bars are giving patrons extra head on their pours in order to fill up the glass. What is this? Are we to PC to say, "Costs are up, I have to raise the price" Have we shrunk this low as a people? Maybe we should look across the pond at the British, they have a pint law. Yes, you read that right, a pint law. That is the little circle that you see on your beloved Guinness glassware. That marks the location of the liquid. Do we really need big brother looking over your local pubs or restaurant? Maybe, Oregon is looking at that now. That question will be soon be answered. Do you think that would work in California? With the gas prices and the slugging economy all I would like is for the drink to be fair. If I ask for a pint, give me a pint. If it is 14 oz tell me. But for god's sake don't shrink my pint. It is good business. Plain and simple.

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