Monday, October 25, 2010

Mojave Red

In some respects the American Amber ale is the biggest ale variety. From Pale to a light brown you have so many choices to brew. One of my all time favorites is the red ale. Going even deeper is a hoppy red ale. This weekend I decided to brew a red ale named Mojave Red. Here is a quick breakdown

#9 2 Row US
12 oz British Cystal
12 oz Crystal 40L
12 oz Crystal 80L
4 oz Melanoiden Malt
4 oz Roasted Baley
2.4 oz Carafa II

1 oz Palisades 60 min
1 oz Palisades 5 min
1 oz Cascade 5.50% Dry Hop

1 British Ale Yeast WLP005

Here is a update to the Red Ale with some thoughts and brewing notes: Update to Mojave Red

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