Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Double Batches and mistakes

With the new year I am focusing on "Brewing Outside the Box"  with that in mind, I brewed a British Mild called Clark Kent.  This was going to be a nice session brew that would highlight the easy drinking style English beers are know for.  Yesterday I transferred the brew into secondary while doing that I mistakenly thought it was my House IPA.  To little and to late I might add.  The damage was done.  It is currently being dry hopped with 1 oz of Cascade.  It could be worse but the 1st brew done this year under my new policy will not be the easy drinking brew I had hoped for.  Now out of style it will surly find a place in my belly.

Now the thought moves over to why did this happen? And how can I stop it?  I brew 2 beers at a time.  My gravity +  pump system is great for multi-brew days.  With that though is the problem of marking 2 different beers inside the same style carboys.  Now that brings on another project. 

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