Monday, January 24, 2011

The Justice Pale Ale Experiment

The quest for the perfect pale ale.  We've all had it, the pale ale disguised as a IPA.  In California's IPAscentric brewing world the 2 styles are frequently crossed.   They are close in taste, hops and style.  But in reality they shouldn't be.

While looking for a good session brew that qualifies as a Pale Ale the choices are very limited.  The major hop heads have moved the brewing community into the Strong, Double and Triple IPA variants.  In all honesty that is the style that I "Grab" at the local pub, but the Classic Pale is somewhat forgotten.

A true Pale Ale should be very easy to drink and it should have a ABV% of about 4 to 6%.  In my world this beer should be a 3 pint brew.  The IPA should be a 2 pint brew.  Meaning that you or I should be able to drink 3 pints of Pale without falling over, peeing or feeling like you have to call a cab. 

Which leads to the experiment called Justice Pale. The plan is as follows:

  • I will brew this beer a minimum of 5 times.
  • I will change only one ingredient per batch.  Only hops, then grain etc
  • The mash temp and hop schedule will be the same on all batches
  • Will be brewed as  "Double Batches"
  • Hop Socks will be used to minimize the hop trub.  
After listening to the Session on the Brewing Network I have decided to thin down each brew after kegging with Soda Water to evaluate.  A 50/50 mixture will be used.  This will keep the Co2 of the beer and let me identify the materials and any off flavors for each batch. 

If all goes well the final Justice Pale Ale will be a everyday brew pouring at my house.

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