Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Justice Pale Ale Take #2

If you have been following the Justice Pale Ale Experiment, Friday I brewed batch #1 and #2.  I changed a little more than I was expecting on the second batch.  But I will have them on tap at the same time.  So a side by side will be more beneficial than remembering by taste.

To catch up on the Justice Pale Ale Experiment, check this out.
To see the 1st recipe, Click Here. 

Following the Justice Pale Ale experiment post here is my 2nd take on the recipe.

4# Marris Otter
3# 2 Row 
3# Pilsner Malt (Domestic)
.8 oz Cry 60

For hops I am starting with Simcoe and Chinook.  They will be as follows

1 oz Chinook @ 60
.25 oz of Chinook @ 20
.25 oz of Simcoe @ 20
.50 oz of Simcoe @ flame out
1 oz of Simcoe Dry Hop day 4

For the Yeast I am going to use White Labs Cal Ale 001

For the mash temp I am going a little higher than normal. I plan to convert at 151 for 60 mins.  The boil will also be 60 mins.

OG 1.061
FG 1.021

ABV 5.22%
278 Cal per Pint

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