Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big P Brewing

Scotty P with Big P Brewing asked me to join him in brewing with his custom, brand new, 1st batch brew rig.  To say the least, I was excited.  He had spent the last couple months designing and building the beast.  Scotty has a write-up on his brewing blog.  HERE 

The morning of the brew session I arrived at Scotty's house ready to see the 1st flicker of the burner. But sadly I was a little late in arriving so I missed the first flame excitement.  But deep down I was hoping for a champagne bottle slamming against the side of the boil kettle to mark its first brew.

The proud brewmaster looking at his creation. 

Scotty's Brewing system is a simple Brutus design.  It is set-up for 10 gallon batches but at this point he is doing 5 gallon batches.  I will not go into the details on the system to much but he is running a Batch set-up with one march pump and 2 keggles.
 Great grain equals great beer.  Here is today's choice for a well received Wheat Ale.  I don't have the details but this beer comes in at over 8% ABV

Collecting the hot lovely wort into his boil kettle.  As you can see Scott is using Cam-Locks on the side of the keggle via a march pump. 

A side look at the brewing set-up.  All the parts welded by Scotty.  I must say great job.  As you can see the hose fitted from the march pump to the boil kettle.

2 clean carboys for the wort.  Scotty was doing a double batch and the 2nd was for a guest beer by Cracker.  Which is the best way for getting someone into homebrewing.  It works even better when they have a kegging set-up already installed at the house. 

Overall we had some good stories and some great homebrew at Scotty's house.  I was honored in attending the brew session with him.  It was been about a month soooo it's about time for me to have some of that homebrew. 

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  1. Nice! Thanks for the awesome write up Lewy! You're welcome to be my Guest Brewer any time!


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