Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brewing Chiller Changes

From my first extract batch I've always known the importance of chilling the wort ASAP after boiling.  At first I used a immersion chiller with my brewing system but I found that it just wasn't quick enough for my tastes.  So I started looking at other options.  Plate Chillers and Counter Flow chillers seamed like a better piece of equipment for my set-up.  Both are more costly than the immersion chillers, but I felt it was a necessary step for my homebrewing domination.

I settled for a Chillus Convolutus Counterflow Wort Chiller from More Beer  The product has served me well for over 3 years.  But with the addition of the Cam-Locks, I wanted to update the chillers capability.  This involved adding a little bit of new copper to the Chiller and a female NTP fitting.  Then I though, as long as I am doing this addition, why not add a temp fitting onto the Chiller.  Then I would have the ability to monitor output wort temp during transfers into the carboy.   I have to admit getting the chiller cut down was a pain in the ass...the copper used on the chiller was very soft and 3/8th's in size.  (Which is not a standard size.)  When cutting the copper, the 3/8th's just kinda bent inwards instead of cutting.  So getting the trusty pliers.  I had to carefully bend out the copper to accept the female connection.  Not wanting to continue the 3/8 inch copper I then went into a 1/2 size for a "T" connection.  From the "T" I added a female 1/2 NTP for the Cam-Lock fitting and a 1/2 male for the 3" barbed thermometer.  I had from Morebeer.  

Anyways pictures are always worth more than my stupid writing ability.  So here we go...
This is looking down at the additional copper.  The old Chiller's end was at the far left "T" fitting. 

This is the additional copper that I added.  You can see the Cam-Lock at the end of the pipe.  


 Here is another look at the additional copper added for the thermometer and the Cam-Locks.  I have to say, it is a little long looking but with my set-up it fits perfectly.  I did do a cold water run and all the fittings did not leak.  So even though my sweating isn't the prettiest thing.  It is functional.  

Time to move onto the next project.......

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