Friday, August 12, 2011

Russian Imperial Stout Tasting Notes

So after drinking a Smuttynose Imperial Stout from my cousin I got the idea to give my Russian Imperial Stout a try.  It's been quietly sitting in the closet for about 2 months now aging on Oak Cubes.  The cubes are American Medium Toasted Oak.

With that out of the way, I opened the keg to the slight smell of oak.  Not overpowering at all.  I took my wine thief and filled her up for a tasting.  
The beer was solid black with a little bit of a coffee colored head, although un-carbonated at this point.  When going in for a taste, I could smell the alcohol rising out of the glass.  The aroma had oak in it but it wasn't the first thing I smelled.  The roasted barley and the alcohol are the most apparent.   So far the beer is very well balanced with no off flavors at this point.  

My wife tried the Stout and said "I like it but I couldn't drink more than one 22."  For being over 12% ABV I'll take that.

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