Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laughing Dog Dogzilla Black IPA

Beer Name:  Laughing Dog Dogzilla Black IPA  

Aroma:  A slight metallic smell with hints of copper.  Smells of Roasted Barley.  Very little to no hop aroma present.  

Appearance:  Poured very carbonated.  Had a very cloudy haze.  The color looks like a dark brown.  Not black.  Almost a dark red when put up to the light.  

Flavor:  One dimensional.  It has a distinctive tin taste.  Slight off flavor at the start of the drink.  Finishing with a strong roasted barley taste.  

Mouthfeel:  Very Thin.  Carbonation is to much for this beer.  

Overall:  Honestly Black IPA's are my new favorite style.  This beer doesn't really fit in this treading style.  It is to thin, has no hop aroma and it over carbonated.  Almost tastes like a blond ale with a dousing of Roasted Barley.  

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