Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rayon Vert Bottle Dregs

Today I stopped by my local liquor store to purchase a 4 pack of Green Flashes release.  It is a Belgian Pale Ale with Brett added.  It is also bottle conditioned.  With that in mind I quickly grabbed the 4 pack and went home to chill the beer.

After carefully pouring the first bottle I could see the I had a good amount of yeast in the bottom.  I grabbed my flask, swirled and poured it in.  I drank a total of 2 bottles last night and added some previously frozen unhopped wort this morning.  Can't wait to see if it takes off.   

As for the taste, it was a very good beer.  The amount of Brett was noticeable but not overpowering.  This would be a great addition to a Saison or a Big Belgian.   I've been looking at a recipe from the Madfermentaionist, it is a Rye Saison beer with added Dregs, this might be the yeast I was looking for.  

Update #1

After just 24 hours in my starter, I am seeing signs of life.  The spots on the top of the liquid makes me believe that we have bugs alive in the sample.  I am also getting a nice layer of yeast on the bottom.  If everything goes according to plan, I am brewing this weekend and dropping the slurry on the beer in about 10 days.  By then I think I will have a pitch-able amount. 

Update #2

Today (12-15-11) the yeast slurry is looking great.  I decanted it and added more wort (After this picture) to get the starter bigger.  The big answer is still unknown.  "How does it taste?"  I am planning to use my wine thief after work and take a sample for quality.  

Update #3

Today (Christmas Eve) I tasted the wort from the dregs to insure that what I cultivated was in fact Brett, like Green Flash stated.  I have to tell you, it was awesome.  Clean, bretty...almost a clone of the Rayon Vert itself.  This is over a total of 14 days. 

Update #4

Today (12-31-11) I added my dregs to my Funky Saison.  I am going to give it a month or so and then keg it.    

Update #5

The dreggs are working VERY slow.  I think if I use it again I will ramp them up more than just the 4 bottles.  

Update #6

Well it took almost 8 months to get the results I wanted.   The beer was undrinkable for about 3 months.  But 3 weeks ago I noticed the beer was clearing up.  After listening to the Trinity Show on the brewing network I knew it was close to finishing.  Yesterday (Aug 12) I keged the beer and I'm planning to cold crash it for a couple of weeks.


  1. Any update on how these dregs worked out for you? I used them as well (along with odell sabatoure brett) in an Arrogant Bastard-esque ale. I am also following it on my blog at www.alesgonewild.blogspot.com

  2. They are working a lot slower than I had hoped. The beer is very cloudy (Started Clear) and has a very musty smell. It has not developed any sort of pellical. The original recipe was stored for 6 so so months. Right now I am at 3ish. This will be my 1st Sour Kegged beer on tap at my house so I am excited to have it finish up.

  3. dumb question, I see you are using a elermyer flask for your yeast prop, do you use this for both bugs and for regular yeast starters?

    1. I am using the same flasks for bugs and no bugs. The only thing I do not mix are the airlocks. After this test. http://www.lewybrewing.com/2012/10/cross-contamination-sour-experiment.html


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