Friday, February 10, 2012

Blackout IPA #3

Blackout IPA #3

The History:
This beer started when I was sitting at Obriens Pub in San Diego.   As a special release they had Alpine' s Black IPA.  Honestly I forget the real name, but knowing Alpines line-up well, I can tell you it is not a normal brew for them.  Unlink most other Black IPA's I've had this one was really good.  I feel that most Black IPA brewers are brewing a Imperial IPA with black coloring.  Any brewer could do that with a bag of Roasted Barley steeped in the mash.  When I got home I started learn and more about this upcoming style.  I focused on Glacier hops partly because I have 2 pounds of them in the freezer and partly due to the fact that I have never brewed with them before.  The plan was to do a single hop Black IPA and have it on my Hop Rocket from Blichmann.  

The 1st attempt was outstanding.  The flavors mingled like a gay strip club.   The recipe and the notes are HERE.

This is now my third attempt of the beer.  The second attempt was a little to roasted chocolate for my tastes.  So I just had to do the recipe again. 


Roasty somewhat smoked hints of chocolate.  Not much hop aroma I need to work on that.


Deep dark body with a nice thick tan head.  Robust bubbles.  Jet black in color with hints of dark brown around the edge of the glass.  Great lacing.


Roasted nuts with bitter chocolate, good malt balance. Kind of muddled with a unexplainable hop bitterness that kind of clashes with the Roast.  Medium hop flavor on the earthy side. 


Higher than expected carbonation

Overall Impression:

Not as good as the original batch.  The older hops with the lack of a HopRocket defiantly take away some of the necessary attributes required in this style.  This is a good beer, but lacking compared to the original batch brewed.  I have a new bag of Glacier hops and my HopBack will be reinstalled for #4. 

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