Friday, February 17, 2012

Dreg Series: RR Supplication

This is a continuing series on harvesting yeast from production beers.  The focus of this is to collect, grow and ferment a beer with these Brett or wild yeast strains.  The majority of the wort for this experiment is collected by brewing 7 gallons instead of the typical 6 during a normal Homebrew session.  Each of these post will develop slowly as the Brett/Funk matures over time. 

Base Recipe:  Loose Lips Lucy, American Wheat

Production Beer Harvested (Dregs): Russian River Supplication

Russian River Supplication

This Supplication was opened during Christmas 2011 and poured into a 500 Ml flask directly at serving time.  An appropriate starter was done before hand using the Mr Malty calculator.  The yeast quickly grew over the month in the flask.  The temp was kept at 70 degrees and dark at all times.  The Supplication yeast started to show signs of a nice pellical before pitching.  The pellical was mostly straight lines forming striations outward.  

Loose Lips Lucy the base for this experiment is a traditional American Wheat beer that should let the yeast from Russian River shine.  At around 5% ABV this should be a very drinkable beer. 


  1. Getting the sour beer pipeline going ... nice

  2. yes, I have a couple other 1 gallon ones done also. I just need to keep telling myself that I will be rewarded in about a year.


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