Thursday, March 22, 2012

I think I have a hop problem

Glacier Hops

Over the last couple of years I've slowly started to become a hop whore.  I go out of my way to find a nice balance with my wife and my homebrewing, keeping the kitchen clean, clear and building my fermentation chamber out in the garage.  This level of respect has allowed me to brew more batches of beer than most homebrewers.  Which is very important to me.

To keep this hobby moving I need more and more styles of hops in my arsenal.  I love brewing and everything that comes with it, besides the belly.  To know I have the freedom to brew a style on a whim is a big incentive for a brewer.  But will this ever growing collection of hops is reaching a critical mass?  Last night I opened the freezer to defrost some chicken and a pound of Cluster hops came rolling out.  When I picked up the Cluster to find a spot for it in the freezer I couldn't.  My freezer door, bottom storage bin and keezer have hops in them.  When would my wife stop this collection from growing?  When Aydan, my son can't keep his favorite chicken nuggets in the freezer for a quick snack?  Plus knowing that I have a pound of Citra in the car I knew I had to take inventory.

I wish I remembered to take a picture of my table during the inventory.  Ziplock and unopened airtight bags covered the kitchen.  Carefully I double checked the dates on each hop style and weighed the bags.  Noting each style.

Here is my current inventory: (mostly in ounces, # are pounds)

Old Hops:
Cascade 2.1
Willamette 4.1
Columbus 6.8

New Hops: 
Amarillo 9.4
Columbus 14.7
Citra 12.1
Cascade 12.7
Cenntennial 12.9
Chinnook 14.5
Saaz 3.2
Palasade 12.8
Willamette 3.7
No Brewer 1# 9.8
Bravo 1# 2.4
Glacier whole 1#
Cluster 1#
Columbus 1#
Cascade 1#. 
So, what is a homebrewer to do?  I know I can't stop buying hops when new styles or crops are released knowing they might run out in June.  The feeling of panic starts to creep in when the thought of a Citra less pale or a Amarillo less IPA.  Understanding the basic concepts of recipe formulation goes a long way in using the correct hop styles in times of need, but I don't want to stress about it.   I guess this is just the game that we as homebrewers play.  Balancing the obsession and creativity against our common sense.  Maybe I need another fridge?

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  1. It looks to me like you need to make an IIPA, stat. You have so many different varieties. Might I suggest the name "Casserole IIPA."


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