Sunday, April 29, 2012

4C's Rye Red IIPA, Tasting Notes

4C's Rye Red IIPA
This is the 4th batch of this recipe.  I'm sorry to say that batch #3 didn't advance to the 2nd round of the National Homebrew Competition, but it scored well and I like drinking it.  Each batch has been a little different, mostly playing with the dry hops and whirlpooling.  

Aroma:  Grapefruit, citrus and a smooth alcohol warmth fill the nose.  A small amount of rye peeks its head in saying hello with a spicy hint. 

Appearance:  Golden ruby red, thick fluffy white head pillows against the glass.  A little chill haze blocks the brilliant red radiance.  

Flavor:  Hints of tropical punch meets pine tree.  The tropical flavors start strong with the piney, citrus finishing up.  No alcohol bite, yet you know its there. 

Mouthfeel:  On the richer side, almost creamy with a good assertion of Co2. 

Overall Impression:  Maybe the best variation yet. The addition of Citra on the whirlpool/dry hop really make the beer stand on its own.  I might need to work on a low ABV version of this beer, as 9% can get the best of you and I normally don't brew high alcohol beers.

Goes down quick.  Also need to brag about the self made glasses.

Brewing Timeline/Notes:  I brewed this back on April 8th.  I really need to clean up the original post to show the recipe adaptations, but it if interests you just let me know and I'll send the final recipe to you.

Original recipe:  4 C's Rye Red IPA

I am sending this batch to the Sam Adam's Longshot Comp for feedback.

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