Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Delbrück-Berliner Weisse, 1st Tasting

Last night I took a sample of my Berliner-Weisse, Delbrück.  The beer is still in its beginning stage at about 2 weeks old, but since the airlock activity has ceased I decided to sneak a taste. Pulled right from the fermenter.

Delbruck Berliner-Weisse @2 weeks

Lemon effervescence fill the glass.  Hints of hay, with a detectable tartness. 


Straw yellow with a white head (Still flat) Very cloudy


Very clean, thin with a detectable tartness.  The Lacto cleans up the drink nicely.  Even though it was a little lower than I was expected.  Might wait 3.5 days of solid Lacto next time.  (See original Post)


Pulled from a Carboy @2 weeks.  A sharp almost carbonated feel to it.  Very thin and light on the tongue. 

Overall Impression:

This is better than I expected at this point in the fermentation.  With almost no commercial examples it is hard to compare the beer. 

5 gallons of the beer @2 weeks

I will update the original recipe post with any additional changes or updates until the final tasting. 


  1. Since I've never tasted an authentic example of the style, I'm really excited to try yours. Based on the pictures and your description, it seems like it shares some basic characteristics (citrus, haziness, SRM, some aroma) with wit beers. I imagine the lacto tartness makes it really palate cleansing and refreshing. Does it age well? How carbonated will it be?

    1. Honestly the only commercial example I've had is the Hottenroth. To bad you were moving your brother when I was quaffing it down. For the Co2 traditionally it is highly carbed. Maybe over 3 volumes and bottled. For aging most homebrewers that I've seen age it longer than the traditional style would suggest. I could be wrong but the information I've found all state that it was a quickly fermented, refreshing drink.

  2. I think the modern interpretation tends towards a fast fermentation, but I've seen references to traditional BWs with Brett characteristics, which suggests they were aged for a while.

    Just ran across this as part of the research I'm doing for an upcoming attempt at a Berliner Weisse myself. Thanks for sharing your brewing info here and on the original post for the batch!


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