Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fargo Session Pale #3, Tasting Session

Fargo Session Pale Project #3


Pineapple, grapefruit with hints of plum.


Golden Copper color.   Soft thin white head.  Slight appearance of some chill haze.  


Very clean and drinkable for a session pale.   The massive addition of the whirlpool hops in this beer make it very smooth and drinkable.  No lingering flavor or bitterness, finishes very dry and well attenuated.  No bittering hops noticeable. 


On the thin side, but this is expected for this style.  Small carbonation bubbles present until the last sip.

Overall Impression: 

This is a great session beer.  The pineapple aroma of the citra hops dominate the nose which is needed in this style to overcome the lack of body.

Brewing Timeline:

Brewed on March 5th.  I have 2 more variants of this recipe in the pipeline so I proper review will be done when all are completed.  Recipe for Fargo Pale. 

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