Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dreg Series: Farmers Daughter/Temptation

This is a continuing series on harvesting yeast from production beers.  The focus of this is to collect, grow and ferment a beer with these Brett or wild yeast strains.  The majority of the wort for this experiment is collected by brewing 7 gallons instead of the typical 6 during a normal Homebrew session.  Each of these post will develop slowly as the Brett/Funk matures over time.

Base Recipe: Farmers Daughter, Flanders Red Base

Production Beer Harvested (Dregs): Russian River Temptation

This beer was brewed in early November of 2011 in a 10 gallon net batch.  This was split into 2, 6 gallons carboys.  One was stored at my house and one at Danny's.  The main batch was brewed on Danny's system.  We took the spent grain and put it into my 9 gallon mash tun.  Adding about a pound of old DME after sparging 6 gallons of sweet wort.

The best part of Dregs, drinking the bottles

Bottling Temptation Dregs

I used a simple auto starting siphon for my bottled dreg beers.  Just pump into the clean bottles.

Temptation Bottled
This was bottled mid January 2012 and I have not had the pleasure of tasting this beer yet, other than at bottling.  It is amazing how different this is compared to the same base beer with Supplication.

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