Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Farmhouse Table (Sour) Saison, Tasting Notes

Aroma:  Lactic tartness, Lemon zest and peppercorn fill the nose.

Appearance: Small amounts of chill haze that has slightly dissipated during serving.  (Over a week) Larger Co2 bubbles and a .5" of clean white head rest of top of the glass.

Flavor:  Very acidic, but not over what I think is acceptable for this beer.  Tart Lemongrass, barnyard Brett characters, leather, dusty hay and straw.

Mouthfeel: High volumes of carbonation create the feeling of dancing bubbles.  Very dry finish (1.000 FG) 

Overall Impression:  This is my first Farmhouse Saison beer and I love it.  Cleanly assertive and sour, but dry enough to clean your pallet for another drink. 

Brewing Timeline/Notes:  This beer was a bitch, slow, long and grumpy.  Taking over a year from Green Flash Rayon Vert dregs.  Which I believe as Brett-B.  Due to the assertive tart flavors, Pedio and Lacto may be involved in the dregs also.

Brewing Recipe and Notes

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