Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Outsourced Pale Ale, Tasting Notes

Like my head...don't worry it didn't last.

Aroma: Simple mix of traditional pine-cone notes with a underlying grapefruit complexity.  The grapefruit grew with age.  The pine like notes declined over time.

Appearance: Very clear, pilsner looking clarity.  Heavy white head atop the glass.  Carbonation dissipates rather quickly.  

Flavor: At a month this beer started to really shine, the mixture of cascade like flavors working with the unfamiliar (to me) Rakau Hops grapefruit skin flavors

Mouthfeel:  On the thin side, but overly carbonated, similar to a Coors light like feel.  But without the proper head retention expected for the style.  (Honestly, over 2 pints and I felt full and gassy)

Overall Impression: I am really glad I choose to brew this single hopped beer.  The hops were picked up at a great price and understanding the flavor additions they added is a wealth of knowledge.  

Brewing Timeline/Notes:  This beer was brewed August 11, 2012 under my standard fermentation policy.  I left this in the cold chamber for a longer than normal period due to having to much beer on hand.

The original brewing notes and recipe is posted under Outsourced Pale Ale.  Following some of the comments, my next single hop pale ale might be a split batch in my new 3 gallon better bottles.   While this beer had no fermentation fallacy's, I feel the hop was not suited for a full 5 gallon batch of homebrew. 

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  1. I really like the color on that beer. All of yours have been really clear lately, something I need to work harder on. Based on your descriptors, I think it's time you sat for the BJCP exam...seriously.


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