Friday, October 5, 2012

Tweaking my Brew Tower

I've spent the last couple of days tweaking my brew tower for this weekends brew. Here are a couple build shots.  Basically I am adding copper with Quick Connects for reusing spent hot water from cooling.  I'll get some better pictures during my brew day Saturday.

One valve for each tier on the Brew Tower

Figuring out the total height

Test fitting

Cam-Locks installed on the Counterflow Chiller

Used cooling water can now be rooted up to the Hot Liquor Tank for sparging

Top of the hot water line. 


  1. So do you find yourself doing a lot of double brew days now, is that why you added the return line?

    1. All I do is double brew days. So when I'm chilling the wort, via counterflow chiller I can capture this water and use it for sparging, cleaning etc. With my tower set-up doing 2 brews only adds about 1.5 hours. I really am at the point to move onto triple batch brew days. Starting at 6 am, normally I am done around 12, 2ish for triples.


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