Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Toes in the Sand, Tasting Session

Aroma:  Melon, cantaloupe, tropical mango. Pineapple hints.

Appearance: Brilliantly clear, light golden color.  White puffy head, the head lingers along with the drink nicely.

Flavor: Hop forward, overly aggressive pine forefront.  Then goes into sweet and tropical like, I get a little strawberry (this description was used to describe Belma, but I might be over thinking it on that descriptor.)  Very delicate soft fruit, not plum..more like Kiwi or melon on the finish.  A little to hoppy for the style or gravity. 

Mouthfeel: This beer lacks body, finished a little to low?  It might be the mash temp or the overall "Session" feel to it. It's a little highly carbonated for the style, which adds to the thin feeling. 

Overall Impression: This beer is on the right track but needs work to proceed as a "Finished" recipe. I would raise the mash temp and add a little more 2 row, raising the OG.  The hop schedule is right on track creating a beautiful modern hop forward brew.

Brewing Timeline/Notes: This was a tweaked Fargo Lane Pale Ale recipe, mostly focused on the Belma hops for finishing from Hops Direct. 

Here is the link to the original post and recipe.

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