Tuesday, June 25, 2013

National Homebrewing Conference 2013 (Re-Posted)

Wednesday morning I'm flying out to #NHC2013, landing in Philly around 5PM and headed to Brewing Networks (BNA8) 8th Anniversary party.  If you want to go, it is the only event that is not sold out and I highly recommend attending.  After that you will find me wandering the halls inside the Downtown Marriott absorbing the most homebrewing information I can find.

Over the next couple of days you can expect pictures, drunken information and good times on Twitter and Instagram.  

If you are attending I would love to drink a beer with you at the conference.  @lewybrewing or the same thing @ gmail.  



  1. Hey Lewy, I'll be there! I think we have chatted a few times on twitter (@ecoffy) Have you been to Phillybefore? It happens to be where I live, born and raised in the area, so I am excited for it to be in my home city. We will have to meet up for a beer.

    1. Ed, Some great Twitter conversations for sure. This will be my 2nd NHC, the other was San Diego, my hometown. I did the conference without a hotel room and it will be nice to relax upstairs every once and a while. (without a upset wife, picking me up at midnight)

      As for Philly, I've never been to the North East Coast (besides DC). I'm pretty well traveled throughout the midwest, pacific north west and south. So this will be a great experience for me.

      As for that beer? Im sure we will find the time.

  2. I wish I could make it to Philly this year, and I imagine your mind will be blown yet again by the wealth of beer knowledge being passed around. I'll babysit your kegerator while you're gone.

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  5. The National Homebrewing Conference is the largest gathering of homebrewers in the United States. Every year, homebrewers from all over the country come to the conference to learn from the best in the business, share their knowledge with others, and enjoy some great homebrew.


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