Monday, November 15, 2010

Alesmith IPA

Alesmith IPA is one of my all time favorites. A classic San Diego IPA with a full hop backbone that covers taste and aroma. The IPA is made in San Diego by Alesmith Brewing they also make a personal favorite of mine, Speedway Stout. This IPA comes in a simple 22 oz package the boasts a large "IPA" on the front in a white silkscreen. The clean in your face IPA text only is a nice change from the typical high color overly produced labels that most micro brews seem to have these days. Once the bottle is open you should pour the IPA into a pint glass or even better yet a tulip glass to get the full aroma of the brew. I personally grabbed one of my gold rimmed tulip glasses from the kitchen. The color was a very low SRM and is crispfully clean for a bottle conditioned brew. I would almost call it a dark golden yellow color. My 22 had a very clean pour, with a perfect 3/4 of a inch tanish to white head. The aroma was hop forward and intense but in a "I know what I'm doing, good way". The 1st taste was a strong hop flavor that turned into a firm maltyness that included hints of plum and grapefruit finishing with a drop off of the malt and a lingering of the hops. This beer will keep you coming back for more and answers the most important beer question, "Would you order another?" I say yes

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