Friday, November 19, 2010

Update to Mojave Red

This is a update to the Mojave Red ale that I brewed a couple of weeks ago, I brewed this ale 2 times in 2 weeks using the same yeast from the 1st brew to keep the recipe as close as possible. I wanted to see if I could clone the brew two times or if at my level of brewing it was even possible. I did change the recipe a little on the addition of 6 oz Melanoiden Malt vs the 1st recipe was only at 4 oz's. This is a very powerful grain that can really effect your overall taste. This grain adds to the burnt taste or carmalization of the sugars when brewing. Almost like the taste between toast vs bread. But problems arose when brewing the 2nd batch, my scale went out on me. This was because I did not stock the basic AA batteries and my TV remote was AAA. So I had to "Guess" the total amount of Palisades hops going into this batch. Along with the Cascade Dry Hopping. So far the 1st Red is a little thinner and sweet vs the uncarbed Red #2 that, so far tastes a little more malty and hopped. I will be kegging the #2 Red soon and I will update the post when that happens. Cheers

Both Reds are now gone and I have some final thoughts.  The 1st red was dryer with a sharp flavor profile.  This was not correct, something was wrong on the 1st batch.  The 2nd Red ended up being better overall and a great drinking brew.  The maltlyness was balanced by the nutty red flavor and the clean hops.  The problem is posted above, but with out my scale I had to guess the hop additions.  So this "better #2" might be hard to reproduce without some trial and error.  

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