Monday, January 3, 2011

Update to Double Drunk Elf IPA

This is a update to the Double Drunk Elf IPA, the brew has been tapped for about a week now and I have some thoughts:

The Body is very well balanced with the addition of Marris Otter.  Following the advice from Vinny from  at Russian River I have limited the amount of Crystal grains to only .75 # of Crystal 20.  The brew almost has a thick body feel to it.

The nose/aroma/hops is very clearly Simcoe.  I really like what this hop brings to the table in the aroma and nose.  To be honest, I like it even more because it is a step away from Cascade that is used everywhere.  The addition of the bigger AA hops leave a clearly double IPA backbone that is needed for this style. 

Overall I WILL brew this IPA again, I think for the 1st brewing of this recipe I could not of asked for anything more.  On the next batch, I promise I will change something I just do not know what yet.

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