Monday, January 3, 2011

Clark Kent Pale Mild

I normally find myself brewing, IPA then a stout and back to an IPA.  I really need to get out of this back and forth brewing style.  So I wanted to brew something that would be a light, easy drinking Session brew.  This recipe is out of Zymurgy   
6 # Marris Otter
1 # Munich Malt
.5 # Crystal 
.5 # Aromatic 
.25 # Special Roast
.5 oz Northern Brewer 60m
1.0 oz East Kent 15m
I used White Labs English Ale Yeast.  The mash temp was 152 for 60 mins with a sparge at 174 
UPDATE:   While moving this beer and my "Lewys American IPA"  I made the mistake of switching the carboys.  So I now have a dry hop of Cascade 1 oz.  So this brew might of lost its British roots I'm sure it will still be a great everyday brew.  

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