Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Justice Pale Ale Review #1 and #2

I really don't know where to start on this review.  Both of these brews have so many good things going for them that it is really hard to point out the differences.  I find myself looking at the recipes to remember the differences between them.  Just so we are all on the same pale page, here is the original post on the Justice Pale Ale experiment.

Justice Pale Ale #1, 1st Tasting notes:

The aroma of sweet pine overcomes your nose as your pour the pint.  It has a clear and crisp, almost fresh aroma coming off the glass.  Please note this was tasted in a square Jack Daniels sipping cup because I had 2 and wanted a true "Side by side"

The taste is clean with a very present hop bitterness.  Not overpowering but a little much for style.  I might look at this if I wanted to send this beer for competition.  The Simcoe adds a sweet almost exciting "New" hop flavor that is refreshing to me.  Unlike the normal Cascade that I am so used to having in Pale Ales.  I can taste the Dextrose sugars that makeup the Flaked Barley.  It adds a thickness or creamy feel to the beer that is missing in the #2 brew.

The British Ale yeast is not in style but I really like the finish it gives to this recipe.  The Cal ale in #2 almost finishes to dry for my liking.  The hops have a way of finishing that is under the radar and fits well in the "scope" of the brew.  After sipping the pale ale, I almost have no lingering hop taste after a minute or so. 

The beer is on the cloudy side and lighter in SRM than the second brewing of the recipe.  With such a low ABV% I am surprised at the head retention and the nice lacing apparent on the glass 1/2 way into the tasting.

I will have a update as the beer matures in the keg, but for now this ended up as a very good 1st attempt at my Justice Pale Ale.

Thoughts on Justice Pale Ale #2, Before thoughts:

This take (brewed at the same time as #1) starts off with a lighter hop aroma than the #1 but it has the same hop schedule as the 1st.  You can tell the hop aroma is Simcoe but it is lacking the "In your face aroma" as the 1st recipe.  I really can not explain it.  I really don't want this review to sound like a #2 bashing because it is a great beer.  Just the changes I did to the recipe did not add any great flavor or knock your socks off to the taste of #2.  But it is a great beer in its own right.  #2 comes in at almost 6% ABV ,  which is 2% more than the first attempt.  I don't know if that is a good thing or not, I really wanted a session brew....

Tasting Notes:

The color is very clear and golden yellow.  The head holds very well during the drinking.  The brew almost looks filtered and this was off the 1st pour.

The aroma is on the lighter side with a slight hop smell. The pine aroma is clearly evident, I just wish that that the aroma was stronger.  The taste is a little on the thin side.  I can clearly taste the missing Flaked Barley.  The yeast is very clear for the style.  I taste no off flavors or any other "mistakes".

The beer does not linger in your mouth and ends very clear and clean.

What to do next....

I still have 2 brews to make/brew at this point.  After tasting these 2 it really gives me a lot to think about on the recipe tweaks that I might or should do for the final test.  I think the flaked barley needs to stay, along with the british ale yeast, as strange as it sounds.  The addition of the honey malt is also needed for my taste, but I feel like I may lower the amount.  I think I should up the dry hop amount in hopes to "Outdo" the #1 attempt.  More thoughts will come out in the next couple days as I settle in to the brews on draft.  At this point my mind is a little cloudy, after trying these 2 side by side a couple of times.

More to come, prost to all

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