Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brown Off 2011

The day has come and gone.  The 1st Annual Brown Off is now just a memory.  But the great homebrew and memories will last a life time.  We had a total of 6 homebrewer's bringing some great homebrew to sample.  What really caught me off guard was the different takes on the BJCP Style 10C.  I have to admit that mine was heavy on the ABV% over the Style guidelines at 7.02%.  (Style goes to 6.20%) But on the same hand it was all for fun.  I ended up (in a robbed) 4th Place.  Which is good considering the quality of brew in attendance.  Anyways here comes the pictures.

 All six Homebrewers all ready and set up for the 1st Annual Brown Off.  You can see Scotty's Keggor in the backround.
We labeled each keg with a # for tasting information.  It was great to see everyone's equipment in person. 
 Big P Brewing took the 1st place with his BrownAle. 
Just a little more props for Scotty with Big P Brewing.  Truly a great Brown Ale.  Scott also hosted the event at his house in El Cajon, CA.  The location was great.  We all got to take a look at his brewing equipment and lay poolside with the kids.  Burgers, hotdogs and all the fixin' were ready to keep the buz from getting the best of us.  Danny was kind enough to write-up some evaluation sheets for the beers.  It helped the guests put their thoughts into a consistent scoring guideline.  I also have to give myself a little props for printing the shirts for the event.  The winner also got a Champion Shirt in addition to the Brown Ale shirt. 

In attendance we had:

  •  Sean with his Year old Bottled Brown.  (just had a baby and no time to brew a current brown)  
  • Ian with his Brown Ale 

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