Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cleaning and Re-Building my Brew Tower

The last couple of brews I have noticed that my B3 tower was looking a little "Beat-up"  So with the addition of my Cam-Locks I decided to do a teardown and complete rebuild.

I got a couple of brass wire wheels and some sand paper and went to town on the tower.  Remember, I have a 3 tier gravity system.  Which includes 3 burners.  Cleaning the burners was my primary goal...5 Years of boil overs, rust and other grime just made it look "Old".

Today I have a new looking tower.  Freshly painted and clean.  All my kettles and fittings have been cleaned and reassembled.  Today after work I am going to do a test run with my March Pump and Hop Rocket. 

Pictures coming


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