Monday, June 6, 2011

Cam-Locks Installed

A buddy of mine installed Cam-Locks on his brewing equipment a couple of months ago.  The moment I saw them in action I was sold.  So after some planning I ordered and installed them on my brewing equipment last weekend.  They are from Pro Flow Dynamics.  The are fairly simple to use.  You have a male and a female side that you can install into the kettle and other brewing devices.  They operate in a lock/swinging motion.
Here is  a good look at the "hose" side of the Cam-Locks.  I used a hose barb female type on all the hoses and fittings.  I used the Male connection on all the output devices.  Like the Pumps, hop rocket and kettles. See below.

Here is a shot of the male Cam-locks.  I have to admit, they are really nice for 3 to 5 bux a side.  I did a cold test this weekend and really liked the feel of them.  I didn't do a hot test on them yet so I don't know how the stainless will react with the heat from the kettles.  I might have to invest in some gloves.  But either way it is a lot better than wasting 5 ZipTies during each brew. 

A shot with the Cam-Locks installed on my March pump.  Something that I did not think about when ordering the locks, was that the pump can dry out better with the hoses disconnected.  Personally that is a great feature. 

I do not have a picture of the Hop Rocket with the Cam-Locks installed but I will add that soon.  I the Cam-Locks will make the Hop Rocket easier to use with my brewing set-up.  But like anything, we have to wait an see. 

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