Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Lost Yeast Starter....

Throughout time man has been the provider of shelter, food and protection.  But with this god given responsibility comes the added pressure of the 21st century.   Paying the cable bill, the HOA payments (don't even get me started on that) and the pressure of AT&T needing 160 a month for 2 cell phones.  Well, I guess this added pressure somehow got to me the other day.  I remember starting a "Starter" and putting it on the StirStarter but after that somehow the memory is gone.  I've racked my brain and I can not remember what this yeast slurry is.  Maybe its that Pacific Ale yeast that I did last week?  Maybe its the great sour beer that Deeper Roots Brewing gave me last week for Kringle....Honestly, I wish I knew.  I know what it isn't.  It is NOT the Russian River Dregs, or the Rayon Vert Dregs or the WL Saison yeast that I currently have taking up space in my closet.  Either way this yeast is a lost cause.  Maybe I should do a shot in the dark beer and toss it in?  Should this be the way I start 2012?

Update #1

Well I feel like the worst person in the brewing world.  I tasted the wort and it was slightly sour.  Not understanding what I was holding I made a quick decision and tossed it.  Not more than 5 mins later it hit me.  It was my Roeselare Blend yeast.  Heartbroken and pissed I made a promise to mark every flask in the house.


  1. What does the starter wort taste like?

  2. I am planning on tasting it tonight. I was out of town for a couple days last week and didn't have time to give it a sip.


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