Thursday, January 12, 2012

March Pump/Chiller Cart Build

My current brew rig is a B3 Brewing System that I bought back in 2006.  While this system is great for what it is, adding pumps, chillers and other additions is a little hard due to the small footprint of the tower.  So when I started to think about step mashing, whirlpooling and general circulation to add to my brewing arsenal I needed something else to hold these items.  After buying a March Pump and trying the old "Milk Crate" stand other temporary tables I chose to build a brewing cart.  Small, circle in shape that can house my Chillzlla and my March Pump together. 

I focused in on 3 wheels a basic circle stand with 1" galvanized pipe going up to a top that holds the Chiller. 

I painted the top and bottom with a high quality black paint.  The cutouts you see above are for the March Pump cord, Hydrometer and glass thermometer.  

The 1" pipe for the top and the bottom of the table.  The middle "T"  is where the March Pump is going .

The backing plate for the March Pump, this will be added to the "T" on the 1" pipe.

The stand all together without wheels or the chiller on the top. 

Over all I have been using this stand for about 2 years with no complaints..  As all homebrewers do, the need for gadget building is starting to rear its ugly head again.  I *Think* I might need a small table top for my brewing.  The keyword is still small, but a slight redo is in the works as I type this.  But for a small cart at about $30.00 (without the Pump or Chiller) it is a great stand for a small space. 

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  1. Nice work. I agree, having the march pump and counterflow chiller right there is perfect and makes life a little easier. I've got a few tweeks to make to my set up to have it just where I want it.


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