Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Honeycomb Oak - Blackswan Barrels

Trying to pursue long term oak aging while balancing my personal life in a small condo is kind of difficult.  I do have a large area for homebrewing, fermenting and serving.  But Dedicating a barrel is out of the question.  So I've been experimenting with different types of oak.  American Oak Cubes have been my personal favorite in the last couple of batches.  My Kate the Great project worked out great with the American Med Toasted Oak.  Currently, I have a couple of other batches going with different levels, ages and types of oak.  

Recently, I stumbled into BlackSwan Barrels, they produce different types of barrels and other wood aging products.  They offer something I have never seen before.  A honeycomb insert, almost like a spiral.  

3/4 by 3/4 for inserting into your carboy
I ordered 3 Red Oak and 3 White American Oak honeycomb cuts.  They are 5" long and they say that you really want 1" per gallon. I am going to play with different wines, spirits and beer to see how they age.  

I got a package today of the 6 honeycomb inserts.  They look really well made and have this (above) in each package.  

This is the Red Oak @ 5" long


  1. That is a cool site. Did you see the other wood types they offer? They have some unique flavor descriptions, that is what I am really interested in. How much did your honeycomb pieces cost?
    I might have to order some now.

  2. email me Lewybrewing at I can send over the pricing list and contact information


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