Friday, March 16, 2012

Lewy's Silk Stout, Tasting Session

Lewy's Silk Stout


Hints of coffee and roasted grains.  


Black as night.  A thin coca colored head (still a little young) 


 Very simple, clean with low alcohol.  Chocolate roast at the start going into a dry roastedness, finishing quickly and very cleanly.  It has a little tartness at the end, reminiscent of a Guinness. 


Medium carbonation. Very good body, almost a slick but not slimy feel. (It has 2.3#'s of Flaked Barley)

Overall Impression:

Great beer with a very fast turn-a-round.  At 4% is could be the choice over the St Patty's day weekend. 

Brewing Timeline:

Brewed on March 4th.  Pushed it a little to be ready by the 15th.  Lewys Silk Stout Recipe.

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