Thursday, May 24, 2012

NHC Results, Kate the Great

I am going to do a post for each of the National Homebrew Competition beers that I entered.  This one is for my Kate the Great clone.

Kate the Great, Russian Imperial Stout
Entered as a "Wood Aged Beer 22C"

Judge #1  (Apprentice) 

Aroma:  Heavy Syrup, Maple    9/12

Appearance:  Very Dark, Good Head retention   3/3

Flavor:  Heavy Syrup Taste, No hop flavors, a little on the sweet side.    8/20

Mouthfeel:  Some Astringency with a hot alcohol bite.    3/5

Overall Impression:  On the thicker side with an over the top bite.   7/10 

Total 30 points overall


Judge #2  (Professional brewer, no BJCP Rank) 

Aroma:  Rich Molasses and dark fruit, reminiscent of figs and prunes.  Carmel sweetness, Slight oxidation and no hop aroma      8/12

Appearance:  Dark brown almost black in color, clarity can not be perceived.   Light brown head with medium retention.    3/3

Flavor:  Rich Molasses and brown sugars, some figs and dates in flavor, low roast and no hop flavor.  Balances toward the malt, some papery flavor.  Oat is subdue but apparent.   Low to medium supportive hop bitterness   11/20

Mouthfeel:  Full bodied, medium level of carbonation.  Medium warmth, some light astringency from the oak.    4/5

Overall Impression:  Oak seems subdued in this beer.  Increase oak flavors and watch racking    5/10 

Total 31 points overall

Overall I ended up with a 30.5 and it did not advance.  After reading some of the comments I feel like I should of entered it into the stout category and not the wood aged as the wood is not the main component of this beer.  I don't know why I didn't get the third judges sheet or if they were just short with judges?  Either way I am glad I entered and I really liked reading what the judges had to say.  Personally I am really happy with the way this beer turned out.  I am going to contact a couple homebrewing friends and pass out the last 3 of the bottled (beer gun) batch to see their results. 

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