Sunday, May 27, 2012

Old Glory #2, Tasting Notes

Old Glory #2

Aroma:  A melody of citrus and evergreen fill the nose.  Hints of mango.

Appearance: Cloudy with a clean white head.  The color is close to a burnt amber. 

Flavor:  No bitterness detected at all.  The flavor of the hops are all I can get.  Pine, citrus and a little mango/grapefruit from the citra addition.  

Mouthfeel: Needs a little more body to make this a true IPA.  The thin character is somewhat expected with a 5% beer, but needs to be addressed.  

Overall Impression:  This recipe has evolved into a great drinking beer.  With almost no boil hops, the hop aroma comes out clearly.  The almost complete lack of bitterness makes the beer smooth, almost to much.  Can't wait to brew this one again.  I might add back some of the boil additions to firm it up a little.  I'm also going to address the body with some more crystal or oats in the mash. 

Brewing Timeline/Notes:

The above picture and review was on a young pour of this beer.  I can only assume that the head and clarity will only get better as time goes on.

Brewed on March 5th. I used my Blichmann HopRocket on this beer.  Which you can read my updated review on.   This also had a Red Oak Honeycomb in the fermenter for a 24 hour soak, right after noticeable yeast activity.

Old Glory #2 Recipe and Brewing Notes

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  1. This was a very smooth beer. The clarity in the bottle that I drank was much better than what you describe above. It had perfect carbonation and outstanding balance, too. This one's a repeat.


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