Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raven Black IPA, Tasting Notes

Raven Black IPA holding nothing back

Aroma:  Firm Roastyness, Pine needles with a small sweetness of grapefruit.

Appearance: Dark with red hints on the outside of the glass.  Very clear considering.  Coco to tan head with great lacing through the pour.

Flavor:  Smooth pine/citrus moving into a clean roastyness. Very little bitterness with a back end pine dominated hop explosion.

Mouthfeel: Thinner than expected, but it does not distract from the drinking experience.  Clean carbonation profile. 

Overall Impression:  This is the best black IPA I have ever brewed.  Flat out.  The balance of the roast and the hops are in check.  A MUST brew again. 

Brewing Timeline/Notes:

This beer is very close to my Old Glory IPA that I have been working on.  Really just the addition of some dark malts only.  The citra/amarillo combo once again is killing it on the aroma/nose profile.  This is a must try for any homebrewer.

Raven Black IPA Brewing Log. 

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