Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sam Adam's LongShot Homebrew Comp

After getting some good feedback on my NHC entries I wanted to enter the Sam Adam's Longshot Homebrew Contest. The best thing about this competition, is that its free.  I decided to enter 2 beers, one is my 4C's Red Rye IIPA, a ongoing work in progress that I am really happy with after the last batch tweaks.  The next is my Alroy Red, an Irish Red Ale that I brewed for a little Homebrew fun comp between friends.  Mine luckily won out of 6 homebrews brought for the event.  Danny has a little write-up on his site about the event

I choose to drive up to More Beer in Riverside to drop off my bottles and Scotty P's Bottles.   (He also entered his Irish Red Ale, so it will be fun to compare the results) It was a good change of pase to leave work around 10 am and make the drive up to Riverside. 

This year the Longshot is an open category year, meaning that you can send in any BJCP category beer.  With a limit of one per category, which is awesome for Sam Adams to do.  I should get my results back around Sept, which is a long time but the final 4 get a free pass to GABF including airfare, hotels and cash for 2 people.  Oh and for you excited homebrewers, the entry deadline has passed for this year.  But you can start planning for the 2013 edition on the Longshot.

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