Friday, July 6, 2012

21, A Sorachi Ace'd Saison, Tasting Notes

Logo and clear beer?  yup

Updated July 31, 2012

Aroma:  Hint of some sweat yeast phenols that go from lemon to sweet clovish.  Crisp lemon, Orange rind.

Appearance: Straw yellow, very clear with a thick puffy marshmallow like clean white head. 

Flavor:  Lemongrass, a sharp hint of orange rinds.  Somewhat sweat in the middle finishing clean and dry.  No lingering after taste.  Very refreshing.

Mouthfeel: Great balance of Co2 in this beer.  The true to style 3.5ish volumes works great.  Kind of dances in my mouth. Finishes clean and dry.

Overall Impression:  I have never been a big fan of this style so I tend to shy away from producing Saison's.  Over the last couple months brewing with brett I have come to love and understand this beer.  (even without brett/bugs)  This was a great 1st attempt with Sorachi Ace as the only hops.  This beer is almost dead on with the inspirational beer, Brooklyn One Sorachi Ace.

Brewing Timeline/Notes:

This beer was brewed on May 27, 2012.  The temp was kept around 71 for the 1st couple of days.  After that I put it upstairs to finish out.  Here is the original recipe and notes.  Currently I have batch #2 in primary.  The only change was no bittered orange peel and the yeast was changed to the Saison Blend strain.

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