Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wiser Understanding #2, Tasting Session

75 Degrees today in San Diego

Aroma: Lemon zest, light hints of clove, reminiscent of lemonade as a child.  Aroma dissipates quickly.

Appearance:  Light Golden haze, very cloudy yet consistent throughout.  Solid brilliant white head.  Good lacing down to the last sip.

Flavor:  I love the fact that this is not on the banana side at all. Very lemon oriented.  Might be one of the only wheat beers that I've enjoyed recently.  The lime-ish, lemon flavors dominate the flavors.  Almost like I added a symbolic lemon wedge on top of the glass.  No diacetyl, hot alcohol or DMS flavors in this pouring. 

Mouthfeel:  Crisp and refreshing, solid carbonation with bubbles running down the side of my mouth.  Very light, refreshing feeling during the drinking session.

Overall Impression:  This is my second brewing of this beer, nothing was changed from the first attempt to the second.  I honestly really like this beer and it may become a staple at my house, mostly because my wife loves this beer.  The beer is more on the crisp tart(ish) flavor wise vs a traditional German Wheat beer.  But I think that is why I like it over the more banana driven classical examples of this style. 

Original Recipe and Brewing Notes.  (Note: I did not review the 1st attempt at brewing this style, it was all bottled and given away at Christmas)

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