Sunday, March 31, 2013

3 Brewers Pale Ale, Tasting Session

Aroma:  Piny/woody.  Honestly smells like beer.  You can point out the Simcoe hops.  I think its missing an aromatic hop presence (that will be addressed in the next batch) that's needed with today's flavored hop centric Pales. 

Appearance: Can I say fucking beautiful? (I was playing with the camera and couldn't get the right light in the shot above)  It has a caramel/crystal clear brilliance that is mind blowing.  Pillowy white head on top commands attention.

Flavor:  Big bittering hops off the start.  Very cleanly used, they don't detract from the drinking experience.  The beer finishes so dry and sharp its just awesome to drink.  The hops start to grow in flavor at the end of the tasting, but they do not linger, creating a need/want/necessary craving for more liquid. 

Mouthfeel:  True to style, maybe a little to crisp with the level of Co2.  It has a light feel on the tongue. 

Overall Impression:  I love this beer, a solid brew for the warm weather in San Diego.  I have to say it is more bitter than the style allows, (think Sierra Nevada Pale) but it is a craftbeer lovers Pale Ale. 

Brewing Timeline/Notes:  This beer was brewed with Danny and Eric on a collaboration brew day.   the yeast was washed off my Citra Blast DIPA, that I racked the night before.  It is my 1st time really using WLP002 in this style of beer and I am liking the results.  The camera shot above is only 4 days into the carbonation and 1 day serving.  I was amazed at the clarity so soon. 

Here is the link to the original post and recipe.

It is really interesting having this on draft next to my Citra Blast DIPA.  The flavors are so dramatically different, going back to the brewing/recipe style.  Finishing at 6.6% this is on the verge of a IPA, I'm really torn about possibly lowing the ABV for the next batch.  I guess that will have to wait to be decided.  Off to pour another.  Prost.

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