Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Citra Blast DIPA, Tasting Session

A great way to spend the afternoon

Aroma:  Clean sharp bitterness, over ripe mango's, tropical notes.  What my imagination thinks a Hawaiian garden would smell like.  I also get some kumquats and a nelson hop flavor

Appearance: Burnt Amber in color.  Solid white head in color.  Great head retention, solid rings down the glass as I'm drinking it.  Right now its a very new pour, I expected it to be a little clearer at this point

Flavor: This is a solid beer.  Powerful sweet grapefruit and papya giving it a very rounded flavor.  From all the late hopping. Great attenuation, I also get a little rye spice, that I love. (I think that is from the small amount of Amarillo in the last dry hop)  The Citra additions are so well balanced its amazing what this hops brings to a big beer. 

Mouthfeel: Great balance between the level of Co2 and the finishing gravity of the beer. Not using the English WLP002 to often, I was afraid that it would stall out around 1.020.  Luckily this beer didn't. 

Overall Impression: This is a hop lovers beer, but with the delicate Citra hop, it could also be a great beer for the non IPA drinker as an introductory DIPA.  Being so hop forward in the aroma and flavor, you do not get any bitterness over whats expected to cover the maltyness.  

Brewing Timeline/Notes: This was brewed over a month ago and was stored in my lagering fridge until a handle was open.  I think the extended lagering helped this beer.  I would not recommend storing an IPA normally but the Citra hop really holds and develops its flavors over time very nicely. 

Here is the link to the original post and recipe.

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