Friday, May 10, 2013

3 Brewers #2, Tasting Session

Aroma: Intensely floral and tropical.  Big notes of New Zealand hops.  Hints of a fresh loaf of rye bread.  Almost a earthy spiciness that I can't pinpoint.  

Appearance: Darker than expected for the style.  A soft white head with darker edges is firmly placed on top of the glass.  The head fades to thin, but is resilient.  The beer is still hazy but on the verge of clearing up.  Maybe some chill haze is present.  This beer has excellent lacing inside the glass.

Flavor:  The lower bittering additions make the beer taste "Rounded" and very smooth.  Rye malt and Nelson hops intermingle perfectly. (See below) No DMS, No diacetyl.  Very cleanly fermented.  Tastes commercial. Finishes very dry and clean.  Some yeast esters, coming up on sweet, pushing the malt forward.

Mouthfeel:  Perfect carbonation.  Very smooth on the tongue. Medium body, going into a crisp sharpness.

Overall Impression:  This is a fantastic beer, the rye malt is in perfect balance with the Nelson hops. If I am being critical, maybe a slight more bittering hops?  It is also a little to hazy for my personal tastes.

Brewing Timeline/Notes:  This beer turned out better than I ever could of expected.  It is so cleanly fermented with the balance of flavor squarely on the Nelson hops and Rye malt.  I didn't use any clearing agents, forgetting them in the boil and the keg.  Taking that into thought, it is clear, but not  sparkling like it should. 

I think this recipe is done, no changes are needed.  If I do decide to tweak anything, it would be the yeast.  WLP028 is one of my favorite yeasts, but it is slow (Due to me fermenting it at 63, anything higher tosses out a caramel like yeast flavor I do not like) 

Here is the link to the revised post and recipe.

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