Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dawn to Dusk: Session Pale, Tasting Session

Arrg, flash flare back

Aroma:  Sweet Pear.  Resinous piney notes.  Would like to see more aroma hop in the nose. 

Appearance:  Amber Gold in color, tan head.  Good clarity (Not great, but getting better) Long lasting lacing during the tasting.

Flavor:  More malt forward than expected.  Maybe a little under attenuated.  Great mixture of Simcoe and Amarillo hops.  No DMS or Diacetyl detected.  Very smooth bittering hops, maybe bumping up the bittering hops next time would help the perceived smoothness.  Not astringent. Finishing dry, very drinkable. 

Mouthfeel:  Creamy and smooth.  Good carbonation.  Almost velvet like. 

Overall Impression:  Finishing at 1.012 This is the best low ABV beer I've made.  I really like the malts balanced against the hops. The malty backbone is more perceived than reality.  I would bump the aroma hops, maybe adding some Centennial hops into the dry mixture.  The mashing temp was good

Brewing Timeline/Notes: 

This is a fantastic beer if you look at the gravities.  Getting your beer to taste good and hoppy and be under 5% is a challenge.  People want this type of beer but the craft brands are not selling it.  Why?  Because it is a challenge to brew correctly.  I hope this will change soon as the market is getting over saturated, we need a quaffable, Session Pale Ale to step forward. 

Here is the link to the revised post and recipe.

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