Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 AHA National Homebrewing Competition

I've never entered any homebrewing competition's before.  Never even wanted to, but for some reason this year I did.  I wanted to enter only 2 beers, a still mead and my Kate the Great clone.  While logging in on the AHA's website I said fuck it and entered 3 beers.  My 4C's Rye IIPA was entered for the hell of it.  I've only brewed the 4C's once before and after a cold crash for 2 weeks it was one of the cleanest beers I've ever done.  I'm cold crashing the 2nd batch right now so it is more of a shot in the dark entry.  The 1st two that I listed are great beers and I am excited to see how the do.

A quick recap:

  • 100% Blackberry Mead, Aydan aged 6 years in Category 24B
  • Kate the Great, my Russian Imperial Stout aged on Oak for 8 months in Category 13F
  • IIPA 4C's Rye Red IIPA entered in Category 23.  6D is the base style but this beer is way to strong for the 6D style category

This should be fun.


  1. Good Luck.
    I also decided to enter 4 beers and it is my first time in NHC.
    Did you see how fast the entries filled up?

  2. I have to say it was crazy seeing the entries add up. I'm sure that it's closed now in most of the cities.


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